Unique Dosage Forms


A Softgel is a hermetically sealed soft gelatin shell containing a compounded fill in a liquid or semi-liquid state that has been formed, filled and sealed in one continuous operation. Soft gelatin capsules provide better bioavailability because of superior pharmaco-kinetic parameters. In addition, they provide dosage accuracy, better visual appeal and aid in masking of unpleasant taste. Softgels also protect against oxidation of product, are tamper resistant and easy to swallow.


TABGELS TM These are tablet cores enrobed and hermetically sealed within a thin layer of gelatin. The technology used is a unique patented drug delivery system which offers product identity, opportunities for product differentiation and line extensions. This dosage form provides better stability, ease of swallowability, masks unpleasant tastes and can be produced in a broad spectrum of colours. Gelatin enrobed tablets are tamper proof and an excellent anti-counterfeit measure as they cannot be replicated.

Enteric Coated Softgels

ENTERIC COATED SOFTGELS Enteric coated capsules are an innovative and site-specific delivery system. They are elegant in appearance and hermetically sealed to prevent unpleasant reflux and gastric irritation, thereby enhancing consumer compliance.


Chewys TM are a differentiated technology targeted at the kid’s segment. Available in a variety of delicious flavours, ChewysTM are a marketing advantage as many children are not able to swallow whole tablets or capsules and often reject conventional chewable tablets. Product acceptability is enhanced since they are convenient to administer and loved by both, adults and children.


Geltec’s InhaloGelsTM are a convenient to carry, tamper proof dosage form that can be used as a decongestant on-the-go! These inhalants are visually appealing and are available in single dosage form to avoid contamination.


These are single dose applications available in the form of pain balms, eye ointments etc. This unique technology is tamper proof and convenient to use while on-the-move.


They are consisting of solid, dry aggregates of powder particles often supplied in single-dose sachets. They are irregular shape particle which are made to improve flow property of powder - Some granules are placed on the tongue and swallowed with water, others are intended to be dissolved in water before taking.