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Talent Management

Geltecites, as we like to call ourselves, are a good blend of talent, knowledge and experience. We are committed to making a difference to society and helping people live healthier, energetic, happier, longer and more productive lives.

We have well developed Quality Processes & a highly qualified team that ensure the products are manufactured as per the cGMP standards to ensure consistently high quality of the product.Geltec is also committed to sharpen skills of its people by way of having an objective and robust performance management system in place, providing proper career paths to them facilieated by appropriate training. We also promote cross functionality within our organization thus fostering the young blood to learn the various lines of business of the organisation. This eventually results in making of a Geltecite who works towards building an assertive, growth oriented environment.

Rewards & Recognition

We believe in recognizing and appreciating talent. At our annual event which is celebrated with great pomp, we recognize and reward employees for their exemplary contributions and for the commitment shown towards the company.

At Geltec we believe in cultivating a culture which fosters Proactivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial spirit.

We believe in continuous improvisation, both within ourselves and our organization.

Partner with us to maximize potential of both your career and our enterprise.

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