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A Place for Solution
Geltec has a world-class R&D Centre with state of the art equipment and highly competent qualified personnel.
Goals and Principles
  • To develop safe and effective dosage form
  • To be the most productive Research and Development centre
  • Quality remains an essential attribute in all aspects and activities at the R&D centre
  • Therapeutically beneficial formulations to extend the product life-cycle and the market segment
  • To develop methods of analysis, lay down specifications and work out quality assurance norms in relation to all the above activities and in doing so, to facilitate the process of scaling up from laboratory scale to plant and towards regular production
Our R&D Proficiency & Strengths
  • Innovation & ability to develop new products from the bench scale level to small pilot scale plant, analytical methods and to conduct stability studies as per ICH guidelines
  • To develop customized formulations to suit specific customer requirements like composition, shape, size, colour etc
  • Geltec’s R&D has the ability to support customers with speedy timelines from product development until commercialization including stability profile. Formulations development is carried out to produce stable, clinically effective formulations
  • To help customers formulate new products through line-extensions, modification of existing products and by developing completely new and innovative range to expand product portfolio which is supported and substantiated with scientific information and medical rationale
  • Competent to handle various types of synthetic & natural Nutritional/ Nutraceutical ingredients, key drug ingredients and also in combination
  • Capability to conduct experimental encapsulation for specific purposes, such as clinical samples, size, shape & colour samples, scale up support, or new product formulation issues such as gel compatibility or fill parameter evaluation. Various formulations are being developed to meet the Domestic and International regulatory requirement of various regulatory agencies with appropriate pre-formulation studies
  • Ability to handle and develop new pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, all of which are in line with global market trends. We have dedicated lines to produce (Associate with production) a range of softgel products from nutraceuticals to Rx, specialty, OTCs and immunosuppressant
  • Provide customers unparalleled support in designing truly novel and unique formulations. Part of making your brand successful entails offering formula development of customized products, colour matching of gelatin shells, scale-up assistance, and production management for experimental runs
  • In brief, Geltec is highly competent to develop various new dosage formulations which are as follows:

  Soft Gelatin Capsules ( Softgels)
  Gelatin coated tablets ( Geltabs® / Soflets®)
  EC Gels
  Inhalant Twist-off Softgels
  Twisties® / Burstlets® / Twist-offs®

  • Pre-formulation activity
  • Formulation development
  • Development of analytical methods and their validation
  • Stability testing by physical and chemical analysis of finished products
  • Laboratory-scale and pilot-plant manufacture with cGMP procedures and facilities
  • Process development, scale-up and validation
  • Technology transfer to production and commercial validation
  • Trouble shooting
Geltec has a well-equipped state-of-art Research and Development facility with Hi-Tech machineries, facilities, best instrumentation, engineering process & capabilities
Pre-formulation Activities
Formulation and Scale-up Activities
Equipment for Enhanced Studies
  • Expertise in Method development for impurity profiling and identifying degradation products
  • Expertise in validation for identity, assay and purity testing in line with ICH Guidelines
  • Stability Programs in line with ICH Guidelines
  • Process validation
  • Dissolution testing
  • Residual solvents
Our Innovation and Value Added Service
  • Detailed product information
  • Tailor-made formulation
  • Fast track product development – transfer products
  • Sourcing of raw materials & evaluation
  • Manufacture and documentation
  • Retail packaging
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