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Geltabs® is a technology that enrobes tablets with gelatin. This dosage form is preferred by consumers because of its ease of swallowing, taste and odor masking properties provided by the coating.
  • Unique, manufacturing process of Geltabs® results in a single or two-toned colour dosage form that can be easily printed on, offering distinctive opportunities for product branding and differentiation.
  • Tamper evident, increasing consumer safety.
  • Widely used in OTC products.


  • Improves swallowability, masks unpleasant odours and tastes.
  • Provides a multitude of colour combinations; allows printing on surface.
  • Provides life-cycle extension possibilities.


  • Increases consumer / patient compliance.
  • Enforces brand identity and ensures recognition.
  • Increase sales and profits.
A one-piece hermetically sealed soft gelatin shell containing a compounded fill in a liquid or semi-liquid state that has been formed, filled and sealed in one continuous operation.

In Vivo Advantages.

  • Rapid rate of dissolution than tablets or other solid dosage forms.
  • Absorption of poorly water-soluble drugs is enhanced by in softgel format.
  • Potential advantage in rate-limiting drugs by using a lipophilic vehicle.
  • Softgels can take advantage of permeation enhancers.

Technical Advantage

  • Sealed One-Piece Capsule.
  • Tamper Resistant and Tamper Evident.
  • Improved Bioavailability & Stability.
  • Provides protection against oxidation & photo degradation.
  • Uniformity in Dosage.

Marketing Advantage

  • Best as anti-counterfeiting measure as it is difficult to copy.
  • Easy to swallow.
  • Elegant appearance.
  • Masking of odour and taste.
  • Line extension - life cycle management.
  • Unique product differentiation.

       Single and two-tone color combinations.

       Natural and Synthetic Colors.

       Imprinting Brand name / logo on capsule.

  • Preferred dosage form by consumers.
New innovative Enteric Delivery Softgel formulations.


  • Ideal for reduction of reflux and gastric irritation.
  • Elegant appearance.
  • Site - specific dosage delivery.
  • Suitable for acid-labile compounds and other materials.
  • Hermetic seal masks unpleasant tastes and odors.
Geltec's Softgel Chewables offer an excellent mouth feel and chewing experience. Chewables are particularly suitable for pediatric populations, as many children are not able to swallow whole tablets or capsules and often reject traditional chewable tablets.
  • Less messy than liquids, Chewables are a favorite among young consumers.
  • Consumer study shows that two out of three children prefer this product over the medicine normally used.
  • Adults find the chewable gels convenient because they can be taken easily without water.


  • Requires no water and leaves the days of messy liquids and chalky, bad-tasting tablets behind.
  • Masks taste and odor.


  • Both Parents & Children love them.
  • Enhances product acceptability.


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